Natural Organic Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs

Sweet, organic exfoliation for smoother skin

Turn any bath or shower into Spa treatment with our luxurious light exfoliating natural Sugar Scrub. Expose a radiant new you! We now have Mango Papaya, Hawaiian Plumeria, and Papaya Pineapple scents. All of our scrubs are made with pure, organic ingredients.

Unprocessed organic sugar is made from sugarcane, which is a naturally occurring source of glycolic acid. The grainy texture of raw sugar gently exfoliates old cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it cleansed, renewed and refreshed.

  • A natural sugar scrub improves blood flow to your skin's surface
  • Jojoba oil and shea butter sink in to replenish and moisturize
  • Leaves your body soft and moisturized
  • Provides minerals, vitamins and proteins to your skin

Directions: In bath or shower, gently massage a generous amount of our natural sugar scrub over your body, paying close attention to rough and dry areas such as elbows. Rinse well with warm water for revitalized skin. Follow with any of our our body butter creams or lotions. For external use only.

Hawaiian Plumeria Scrub
Enjoy the feeling of the Pacific Islands with this invigorating sugar scrub.
Mango Papaya Scrub

Why a natural sugar scrub is recommended for your body

A good body scrub will open and clean your pores, help old, dead skin cells slough off, increase blood circulation to your skin, which improves its health and vibrancy, and will give you an invigorated feeling all over. You have several choices for exfoliating your body: a metal oxide scrub, which can be harsh for sensitive skin, an amber scrub, which is gentle but expensive, and a natural sugar scrub, which is gentle and very affordable.