Organic & Natural Specialty Products


Organic Coconut Oil Based Personal Products

Your will love our delightful personal products made with organic coconut oil. These include an amazing personal lubricant, and a fabulous makeup remover with no harmful or harsh ingredients that also nourishes your skin.

For an all-natural solution for fighting germs, try our legendary Four Thieves™ anti-microbial serum made with a special blend of premium essential oils.

A safe way to get rid of fleas, bugs and pests from your beloved pets

At Beach Organics, we are crazy about our four legged furry friends. We have formulated dog shampoos that are gentle, moisturizing, and safe for frequent use. They are scented with dog safe essential oil blends that make them naturally flea repellent! Pair with our Fur Fresh™ essential oil based insect repellent, your canine pet will be comfortable throughout flea and mosquito season. Helps repel ticks, too.

About our Natural Grooming Products for Dogs

If commercial poison-based products are designed to kill fleas and ticks on your dog, could these pest control products be toxic to humans also? We all love to snuggle, rub and love our pets, and even let them hop up on the sofa or beds. After this happens with a dog treated with flea poison, are we exposed to these chemicals too? Are your children?

If there is even a remote chance of exposure to toxic compounds, why not try a more natural product? Essential oils such as Orange, Lemon, and Rose Geranium are excellent natural flea and tick deterrents.

By using Beach Organics sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and insect repellents, you are investing in the best products available for you and your dog. We use natural fur freshening ingredients without any harsh chemicals that could be toxic to your family or pets.