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Provincetown Soap Works

Beach Organics Skin Care welcomes all Provincetown customers!

Provincetown Soap Works products are now sold online by Beach Organics Skin Care. All of the soaps, shampoos, lotions, body powders, perfume oils, and other fine products available here are manufactured by Provincetown Soap Works and are the very same ones that you will find in finer shops and hotels in P-town and Cape Cod.

At Provincetown Soap Works, we are committed to offering premium quality, safe, and effective personal care products you can trust. We are USDA Certified Organic.

Our distinctive blends were inspired by the ocean, the dunes and the fresh salt air of Cape Cod and the Atlantic Ocean. We are very proud of our products and take great delight in the whole process. Our products are hand made using only the finest ingredients including premium essential oils and plant extracts of the highest quality.

Provincetown Soap Works has preserved the original processes and uses the identical ingredients that have made us the favorite provider of premium soap and other bath and body products in Cape Cod for visitors and locals alike since 1992.

Organic Soap by PSW
Handmade organic soaps from Provincetown Soap Works are available in 9 scents!
Body Powders by PSW
Talc free body powders from Provincetown Soap Works keep you fresh - safely.
Shampoo by PSW
Luxurious shampoo from Provincetown Soap Works. Paraben and sulfate free.
Hair Conditioner by PSW
Provincetown Conditioners are sulfate free for healthier hair.
Jojoba Body Lotion by PSW
Moisturizing jojoba body lotion by Provincetown Soap Works.
Perfume Oil Spray Mist by PSW
Perfume Oil Sprays by Provincetown Soap Works use exquisite essential oils.

Descriptions of our Essential Oil Based Scents

  • Atlantis unites bergamot's citrus scent with earthy patchouli and oakmoss.
  • Beachcomber is a refreshing blend that features lemongrass, vetiver and a hint of lavender.
  • Coastal Breeze is a light refreshing scent with oils of lemongrass, geranium, bergamot and clary sage.
  • First Light is our fresh classic lavender scent.
  • Voyager evokes the stimulating sense of a new day's journey with essential oils of citrus and mint.

Provincetown, Cape Cod

You can buy Provincetown Soap Works organic soaps and other quality toiletries here

If you want to share your fabulous experience visiting or vacationing in Provincetown and Cape Cod with friends, family, or colleagues, give them a gift of one of our organic bath and body products. Or maybe, you'd like a delightful souvenir of your trip to P-town.

Many fine hotels and bed & breakfast inns serving Provincetown offer our personal and skin care products as spa quality toiletries in their guest rooms. To bring back those fabulous P-town memories, simply shop here to buy soaps, powders, lotions, or any of our other popular bath products. You have up to nine scents to choose from. All of our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, triclosans, or any other controversial ingredients. Plus, we never test on animals. For this, we are certified as Animal Cruelty Free by both Leaping Bunny and PETA. Buy a gift today from P-town!

Provincetown Soap Works products will be featured in the upcoming film, Year By The Sea being filmed in Cape Cod!

Year by the Sea the movie


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