The Sun and Your Skin

As we move through Spring and towards Summer our thoughts naturally turn towards sun exposure. Countless studies have told us that sun exposure is bad for us and causes cancer but that is not the whole story. Our bodies were made to live in a world lit by the sun and some diseases and even cancers occur when we do not get enough sun. In part, that is because our bodies use the sun to manufacture Vitamin D. Additionally, the broad spectrum light of the sun acts as an anti-depressant for some people and can help people regulate their sleep cycles and their moods. Without the sun, we just aren’t happy or very healthy.

But, protecting our skin from the UVA and UVB rays is still very important. You can live a healthy life that includes outdoor activities as long as you protect your skin thoroughly. That’s why we created Beach Organics safe Sunscreen Lotion. Our lotion is non-allergenic and water-resistant as well as being broad spectrum to give you the most protection. It contains no gluten, animal products, parabens, preservatives, or fragrances. We use safe solids titanium oxide and zinc oxide to block the sun, and jojoba oil, coconut oil, and shea butter to protect your skin from windburn and drying.

Our sunscreen comes in SPF 15 and SPF 30 and is eco-friendly, reef-friendly, and bio-degradable. You can safely use it all over your body and on your face. It will not clog your pores or irritate your skin. Our products are never tested on animals.

Take Beach Organics luscious sunscreen lotion with built in moisturizers with you wherever you go for outdoor protection so you can enjoy the sun. Ready to buy?

You can purchase the SPF 15 or SPF 30 right here. And remember, it is certified organic and vegan so you know you can trust it for purity!


Near or Far

Beach Organics Skin Care is located in Cocoa, Florida, a beautiful area known as Florida’s Space Coast. And we are available in many local stores; visible in local community events. What do we do for people who want to buy our hand-made, organic products but are not in the Cocoa area?

We have two solutions for our friends who are far away. The first is this website. We have a full shopping cart ready to take your order and make getting more of your favorite product as easy as 1-2-3. You can buy with confidence knowing that your shopping cart is secure and we will take good care of your order. You are important to us!

The other solution is that we have an Amazon store. So if you are one of our friends who regularly shops on Amazon, you can add our products to the other products you are ordering by going to our Amazon Beach Organics Store. What could be easier? No matter where you are, your favorite products are just a click of a mouse or the touch on your phone screen away!

No matter what, you will get our best level of customer service with prompt shipping and careful packing. Our products are always shipped at the peak times so you get the fresh product you were looking forward to. You can order for yourself, or order a second selection for a friend and share the beauty of organic skin care with someone else. They’ll thank you for it!

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of having your soap and shampoo, conditioner and deodorant show up right on your doorstep ready to make your bathtime a delight. Enjoy Beach Organics soap, deodorant, body wash, scrubs and more either from your local pharmacy or from our easy ordering options online. Near or far, we want to be your favorite product!bodywash

A Very Vegan Presence

This Spring we had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed and reviewed by Vegan Presence, a cruelty-free, conscientious subscription service that provides a varied range of information for people who want to make better choices in today’s consumer markets. It was wonderful to talk with Vegan Presence and to have a chance to interact with people who have a strong mission.

Andrea of Vegan Presence asked us about our favorite Beach Organics product and of course we said “our soap.” The soap making process is such an historic art. People throughout history have always wanted to be clean and have perfected different ways of accomplishing that goal. When you are making soap, you are practicing a craft that people have respected and relied on for their personal needs. When you are making vegan, organic soap you are going that step further to ensure that the ingredients are the purest they can be. By adding no toxins, chemical fragrances or fillers we are guaranteeing that our product will not hurt the people who purchase it. By using no animal products we are able to guarantee that no other living entities were hurt in making it. Both of those factors are important to us.

We hope those factors are important to our customers, too. One thing we are sure of: our customers know that our soap makes them feel and smell clean, and leaves their skin feeling wonderful. The soap moisturizes your skin while cleansing it so you do not need a separate lotion or moisturizer after washing. Because it has moisturizing properties it works well for shaving, and can be your all-purpose body and hair product if you are traveling. What could make life easier than that?

Click here if you would like to know more about Vegan Presence.

Click here if you would like to purchase Beach Organics soap.


A Body Wash That Seems Made For Spring!

Do you use a shower gel or a liquid bath or body product? I didn’t used to but I do now. I didn’t believe I would ever give up my favorite bar of soap. But frankly, using a liquid bath soap like Beach Organics Beachcomber Bath and Body soap was such a treat I don’t plan on ever going back to my old bar. It started with my hair. I wanted to avoid some of the products, like SLS that are in commercial non-organic shampoos so I tried the Beach Organics shampoos and they were heavenly. I particularly liked the Beachcomber fragrance because it is light and gently touched with citrus notes. Once I was using that, it was a just a matter of time before I tried the matching body wash.

It was wonderful! This delicately scented liquid soap is easy to use, and unlike a bar you never drop the pump-action container. Unlike a bar it also never gets all soft and mushy if you leave it in the soap dish or dried out and cracking. You use just what you need when you pump a little in your hand and it cleans your skin marvelously.

Instead of washing my skin with a commercial soap and then using a moisturizer to restore the natural oils I just washed off, washing with this gentle soap left my skin feeling smooth, moist, and supple. It was easy to wash with and good at removing grease and grime, but it did not strip my skin of all oils. It also did not leave a grey coating in my bathtub. Part of the reason my skin felt so wonderful is that this soap is formulated from organic aloe and coconut oil, ingredients you want to put on your skin. And the Lemon Grass and Vetiver oils provide mild anti-microbial properties so you can count on feeling clean and fresh. What a wonderful springtime bath regimen!

Buy Beach Organics Beachcomber Bath and Body Wash


We Are Feeling the Power!

Wow! That’s all we can say at this moment. We are at the Power Symposium in Nashville, TN, with other wonderful presenters dedicated to wellness, education and renewal. The energy here is all positive, all healing, all forward thinking and we are in our element.

The big sponsors this year are Amoena and Juzo who have amazing products. Amoena offers post-mastectomy lingerie and breast forms that are just gorgeous. They even have a line of swimwear so the post-mastectomy woman can live a stylish and active lifestyle without giving anything away. Juzo offers a full line of lymphedema garments, orthopedics, prosthetics, silver garments and stockings to help both lymphedema patients and diabetics move forward with the proper support. It is humbling to be in this group with such serious sponsors but our products definitely belong here.

Many post-cancer women are more aware of the need to avoid environmental toxins and choose their skin care wisely. They move towards organics and away from hidden chemicals and additives. Products like Beach Organics Skin Care are valuable because they satisfy the need for purity in lotions, soaps and shampoos that will be used on your body and they are attractive and affordable. When a woman orders Beach Organics she is ordering a feminine brand that does not remind her of a hospital or medical setting. She is getting the highest quality in all-natural ingredients, but she is simultaneously pampering herself and relaxing.

Lathering with a lavender soap, a woman is transported to a spa like experience while she is assured that no formaldehyde, parabens, SLS, or estrogen-mimicking ingredients are threatening her health. Mmmmmm sensuality combined with safety and security is something few other product lines offer. So we are delighted to be participating in the Power Symposium and proud to be associating with some of the big name sponsors that are there. Health, wellness, education – power!



Flea Season is Coming

Dog lovers tend to complain about the winter months because walking a dog in the snow is not that much fun. Then there is the amount of mud a dog can track in from a good romp in the snow. If you don’t live so far north that snow is a problem, there is still cold rain and getting up for that first walk early on a frosty morning when you want to snuggle under the blankets.

But the winter months are wonderful for one big reason connected with dogs, fleas are less active and in some climates all but gone during December and January. Then, slowly, as spring begins to awaken all of nature, fleas awaken too. And then it starts – the scratching and thumping and biting at the base of the tail and whining. And the solution is either internal pills with dangerous side effects, or external topical flea killers with seriously toxic chemicals. There is another way.

Fleas can be repelled to begin with if they don’t like the smell or taste of the dog. There are botanical oils that fleas just stay away from. Beach Organics has created a dog shampoo that combines those flea-repelling essential oils with fresh scents you will love, and a luscious formula that will have your canine’s coat shining with health! What a great combination. Non-toxic for dogs and you, but unpleasant to fleas so they don’t jump on the dog. You can be kind to the environment and live a flea-free life. We also have a complimentary product, Fur Fresh that can be sprayed directly on your dog’s bed or other upholstery to freshen it and keep it flea free as well. Note: Beach Organics Dog Shampoo and Fur Fresh are not suitable for use on cats. But your dog will love you for trying it!

Buy Beach Organics Dog Shampoo in one of four natural scents!


La, La, La, Lavender!

One of the herbs with the richest and longest history, lavender is famed both for the beauty of its flowers and the scent that everyone agrees promotes peaceful and relaxing feelings. Lavender appears in modern days as a flavoring ingredient in food, in perfumes, in aromatherapy, massage oils, sachets, potpourri, and dried herbal arrangements. At Beach Organics we harness the powerful goodness of lavender in many preparations. In our First Light shampoo and conditioner we create a spa-experience right in your bathroom every time you wash your hair.

Our shampoo formula is a rich combination of organic aloe extract, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, safflower seed oil, rosemary, vitamin E and green tea. Our conditioner enriches your hair with aloe, shea butter, silk proteins, and fine essential oils. What did we leave out? We left out anything that could harm you or the environment, like:

  • Sulfates
  • SLS
  • Cocamide DEA
  • Parabens
  • Animal Testing

We’ve never had anything but the finest organic ingredients in our hair care products, and we never will. Your hair will be smooth, glossy, and oh, so healthy without any added chemicals or preservatives to pose a potential health risk. So many ingredients that we bathe and shower with are absorbed directly into the skin; that it just makes sense to makes sure those ingredients are non-toxic and of the best possible quality!

Your hair will benefit from the gentle cleansing effectiveness of the shampoo, while the First Light conditioner smooths away frizzies, repairs split ends, and enhances body and shine. Don’t settle for dry, unmanageable hair, when you can have glossy tresses courtesy of lavender-imbued organic shampoo and conditioner that will pamper you the way you deserve.

You can love your body from the outside in while improving the environment and lightening your mood. Try our First Light Shampoo and First Light Conditioner. If you love them as much as we think you will, we have soaps and other bath products with complimentary scents!





Business is Business – Or is It?

When Paul Newman founded Newman’s Own in 1982 many people might have thought that he was rich enough as an actor, why start up a business and work to make more money? But Newman’s Own gives 100% of the after-tax profits from the sale of its products to a charitable foundation he also created. At Tom’s Shoes, shoes and eyeglasses are sold and free shoes are given to impoverished children, and money is spent to save or restore eyesight in people in developing nations. These companies are not run by stockholders clamoring for more dividends or CEO’s that take home millions in annual salaries and stock options. They are in the business – the business of making the world a better place. And that is no small undertaking.

At Beach Organics Skincare we give 100% of our profits back to the community by helping to make this community a better place. First, we create a product we feel comfortable selling to you. That means we use organic ingredients, we do not add any artificial preservatives or questionable chemical additives. We also do not test our product on animals – ever. And we use our products ourselves. We think the trust you place in our products is very important. We have taken the time to understand the process of creating bath and body products very well and we maintain membership in key industry associations to keep our knowledge fresh. Finally, we sell our shampoos, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, and more to you with love.

Then we turn around and give back. Aging Matters is one of the entities we are partners with. They provide 1000′s of meals to folks who might otherwise go hungry. The Space Coast Cancer Center is another one, as is the Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children. We don’t have to do that, but by doing so we make our community a better place for us all to live. We make people less hungry, less afraid, less lost in the world. And in the end, that makes all of us happier. And that’s the business we are in.

What’s so Natural About Natural?

Many women are confused about the distinction between natural and organic. And with good reason! The word ‘natural’ seems to be applied to everything these days. The supermarket shelves are stocked with foods brimming with “natural goodness.” And everything from shampoo to shoe polish is described as having natural color, natural flavors, natural fiber and naturally smooth texture.

So what, exactly does “natural” mean? Unfortunately nothing. That’s right. Legally, there simply is no definition of natural. That is one of the reasons for the invention of the organic certification. That certification guarantees that certain standards have been met in the creation, processing, and even handling of the product. So if you pick up a bag of oranges and you see the words, “All Natural Florida Oranges,” what the bag is telling you is that there are oranges in the bag.The bag also states they are from Florida. The bag is silent on the matter of insecticides, fertilizers, coloring and waxing, genetic modification, and the composition of the bag. They are oranges and they are from Florida.

If the next bag over says, “Certified Organic Florida Oranges,” you can be sure of some additional facts that may put your mind at ease. The first is that someone empowered by the government has certified that these oranges can be called organic. That’s important because now you are not relying on the seller to be honest. They probably are but it is good to know that there are regulations and inspectors. The next thing you know about those oranges is that they were grown with no chemical fertilizers or insecticides whatsoever in a field that had not been sprayed for a certain number of years in order to lower even residual chemicals. Next you know that the cleaning of the oranges could not include chemical cleansers or sprays to protect the oranges from bugs or rot during shipping. The bag the oranges is in cannot be treated with chemicals to enhance strength or resist bugs or mold. The oranges cannot even be packed in with non-organic oranges for shipping.

So both are natural oranges. But only one is organic. Which do you think is less toxic to your body? You are right. Trust Beach Organics Skin Care for Organic products for your face, hair and body because we’ve made sure they are the best you can buy! Naturally!

Beach Organics Skin Care

Mmmm, Fresh Herbal Scents!

One of my favorite things about herbal soaps is the fragrance. Until I discovered the joy of organic bath and body products I bought my soaps from the supermarket and they always seemed to have a scent that was too strong for me – too heavy with whatever perfumes they had used. In time I started buying unscented soaps and cleansers because I believed I just did not like scented soaps. Oh, was I wrong!

Then I entered the wonderful world of organic hand-crafted soaps. These soaps are made with fresh herbal scents and botanical oils and every one of them gives me the feeling of standing in a mountain garden, or down by the ocean on a bright spring day. That may sound sappy but it is my favorite thing about unwrapping a new cake of organic soap.

This enthusiasm made me look into just how soaps like that are made and I found it very interesting. The first thing I found out is that no animal fats or oils are used when making Beach Organics soap. Only organic oils and butters and purified water are used as the base for these moisturizing soaps. Fine clays, herbs and spices, and essential oil blends are combined to create a perfect bathing experience. A soap that gets you clean, moisturizes your skin, and leaves you with a fresh clean scent that is not over-powering.

Commercial soaps can actually dry your skin because of the harsh cleansers they use but these soaps pamper your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth from top to bottom. My favorite is the Coastal Breeze Soap which is organic, vegan and contains oil of bergamot, lemongrass, geranium and clary sage for an all-botanical scent with a base of citrus.

And, because there are no toxins like parabens, formaldehyde, or SLS in the formula, I am making my world a little bit greener every time I bathe! Now that is a win – win situation.