Naturally We’re Organic!

What do phrases like “all natural” and “natural ingredients” or “natural processes” really mean? Well, according to the FDA they don’t have to mean anything. There is no official FDA regulated standard for “natural” or “all natural.” That’s why you see it so often on products with no other certification or reassurance about what you are really getting. This puts a bit of an extra burden on any company that does want to really sell “natural” products to their customers.

organicAfter all, with everyone using it, how will you know when a company like Beach Organics really means it? We pondered that for a while and then decided to turn to the highest standards and get ourselves and our processes certified organic. This is a harder certification to earn than you would think. But when you see it, you know we are assuring you that our commitment to a more natural way of life is real and tested and held to the highest standards.

Additionally, we wanted you to know that our commitment to non-toxic, non-chemical, non-gmo products does not stop there. We are also certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free products. When you use our bath and beauty products you get a clean body and a clear conscience!

Why do we go to all that trouble? To assure you that your trust in us is not misplaced. To assure you that your needs and your commitment to the environment is met by our own. You don’t have to wonder what we mean by “natural,” you know we mean that we are using certified organic and vegan ingredients with only the purest manufacturing methods to turn out wonderful skin pampering lotions and soaps that you can enjoy and give to friends and family with confidence. If this is your first time visiting our website, please click here to try our wonderful products. We think you’ll love them!

Beautiful Hair, Naturally

What would you do to get beautiful hair? Go to any bath and beauty store and the aisles with hair products are full of expensive preparations that promise you less frizz, more shine, more body, less split-ends, stronger shafts, healthier tresses. The sad fact is that we would not need to work so hard to restore health to hair if we used better shampoo to begin with. And “better” does not have to mean “more expensive.” Just using a natural shampoo that does not strip all the oil out of hair guarantees that the hair will not need so much “revitalization” and “repair.”

It just makes sense. If the hair isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be repaired. And modern daily living just doesn’t tear down hair shafts because we are not out in the elements all day on horseback or hoeing a garden to grow our food as pioneer women did. So how can our hair be unhealthy? The secret is in the shampoos we buy in the health & beauty aisles of most stores. The ingredient used to cleanse your hair is the foaming agent, SLS or sometimes SLES, sodium laureth sulfate. This ingredient is a detergent, a foaming and sudsing agent, and a degreasing chemical. It makes big foamy suds, strips your hair of all the natural oils, and is a known skin and eye irritant. It is effective as a cleanser and it is harsh and damaging to your hair.

While it is breaking down the oils in your hair and carrying them away down the drain it is also irritating your skin and stripping the oils off your back, hands, arms and anything else it touches. No wonder hair develops split ends and you find yourself pouring lotion almost daily on your hands. As a detergent it is very effective. As a product to promote beautiful hair it is a disaster.

What if you chose not to wash your hair with chemical detergents and instead chose a shampoo created from pure, organic and vegan ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, rosemary, green tea and glycerin? You guessed it, your hair would not need to be “repaired” by additional products. Your scalp would not itch; your hands would not be as dry.

But would your hair really look beautiful and shiny? Absolutely! Using a natural, cruelty-free shampoo is better for you, better for the environment, and makes you look even better! Get ready to stop using harsh chemical detergents and enter the world of soothing, natural cleansing with Beach Organics All Natural Shampoos!


We Have Good Scents!

Women juggle a lot of tasks and have tremendous expectations placed on them throughout their day. It’s no wonder that many women cherish their weekly manicure or massage. Some look forward to that soothing bath that will ease away the cares of today.

Science is learning that it isn’t just the tasks and goals that we try to achieve that affect how we feel. Sound, sight, scent, and touch all play a part in how stress builds up. Picture this: you’re in a meeting, trying to get a difficult group to agree on several agenda items when a leaf blower fires up on the property next door. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRR RRRRRR. Suddenly, a random sound has made you angry. What you “sense” affects how you act, how you feel, how you perceive and are perceived.

So what about the sense of smell? It is said that the sense of smell is one of our least understood senses but most important. According to science it plays a big role in choosing a mate, choosing a food, and moderating our moods. We are not happy when we don’t like the smells around us. Beach Organics understands this and understands, most importantly, that not all people respond the same way to the same scents. We also understand that the right scent can lift your mood, while another can encourage you to relax. So we have created our amazing bath and body products in “families” of scents created with pure, organic, essential oils. And we have made it easy for you to purchase them based on the scent or scent combination that best suits your mood!

Think about it for a moment. When you are smoothing on an after bath lotion do you want it to relax you with lavender? Awaken you with mint? Freshen your day with citrus? Only you know what will put a smile on your face, but we’ve made sure you will find it here. Shop Beach Organics Natural bath and body products by scent. It’s the scent-sible way to buy!


Is Your Skin Irritated?

Do you have skin that is easily irritated? Do you find that the free and clear laundry detergents work better for you? Or do you avoid detergents altogether? There can be many reasons why your skin is so sensitive and one of the culprits might be your bath soap or your shampoo. Why would soap or shampoo made just for your bath make your skin more sensitive?

Sometimes the ingredients are not as gentle as the label would have you believe. The label might say something like “with moisturizing coconut oil and jojoba.” But the word “with” is a dead giveaway. When you read the ingredients label you will find that the coconut oil and jojoba are only a tiny fraction of the actual formula. As you read through the ingredients the second or third ingredient is probably a sulfate like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS if they just use the abbreviation. What is that? It is a foaming agent or detergent. It can be found in laundry soap, engine degreaser, and floor cleaner. Why is it in your soap or your shampoo? Because it foams and cuts through oils.

And that is where problems come in. Your skin needs the natural oils that protect it from wind, from drying, and from surface contaminants. But when the SLS strips away your natural skin oils it leaves your skin more open to infection, to drying, cracking and irritation. What can you do? Change the soap and shampoo you use to a gentler preparation. Organic or natural skin care products like Beach Organics are made with no SLS and no parabens or phthalates. That means your skin can protect itself naturally and you may find you are not as prone to irritations as you once were.

If you feel you’d like to try a better soap product than the one you’ve been using, give our organic all-natural soap a try!


Florida Today Highlights Susan Moore of Beach Organics Skin Care

Susan Moore, owner of Beach Organics Skin Care doesn’t turn the spotlight on herself normally. But Florida Today did a little digging into Moore’s current passions and past accomplishments and wrote a beautiful article.

The piece focuses on Moore’s passion to achieve and personal belief in giving to others which have come together in the organic skin care line, Beach Organics Skin Care, that Moore founded in Cocoa Beach. Creating a health-promoting personal care line has allowed Moore to give back so much to women who are concerned about the health effects of some ingredients commonly found in skin care and hygiene products today. Moore’s belief in healthy living is apparent in the purity of her products and the Organic Certification that Beach Organics Skin Care has worked hard to achieve.

Moore entered the skin care field as part of her own commitment to healthy living but found that good quality skin care products were not always healthy or good for you. She combined her commitment to excellence with her desire for quality products and produced the Beach Organics line which includes all pure and natural moisturizers, scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, lip balms and deodorant.

Typically, all of this success has not gone to Moore’s head. She is very active in local not-for-profits and donates both time and money to many of the charities that make life livable for Cocoa seniors, children, and women.

You know her as the president of the company that makes fine organic bath and beauty products, but read this article and the woman behind the product emerges. You’ll love her as much as you love the wonderful soaps she has created!

Florida Today Article

These Feet Are Made For Walking

Feet are the subject of worry for a lot of women. We want them to look sleek and sexy, dainty and feminine. But we also want them to successfully carry our weight, never slip, and not complain when we slide on those towering heels or pointed toe pumps! We ask a lot from our feet and sometimes the skin really shows it.

That’s where a lot of women have a conflicted relationship with their feet. They want to take better care of them but don’t want to wear ugly shoes. They want to keep the skin nice but tend to forget about their feet and then try to play “catch up” attacking them with a pumice stone or a PedEgg or other implement to take off the build up of dead skin. It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

The same delicious sugar scrub that you use on rough skin on your elbows or hands will work wonders on your feet if you use it regularly. If your feet are often on display or the subject of your attention, try this beauty routine:

The last few minutes in your bath or shower, sit down on the edge of the tub and massage your feet with Beach Organics Hawaiian Plumeria Sugar Scrub. Pay careful attention to the soles of your feet, the edges of your toes, and the sides of your heels.

When your feet feel softened and smooth, take about a teaspoon of our Tropical Smoothie Body Butter and massage it in to each foot.

Then pull socks on and let your feet luxuriate in the bliss of pampering over night.

You don’t have to do that every single night, but if you could do it at least three nights a week you would be amazed at the difference. Your feet would be happier, cleaner, softer and would smell delicious. And, really, it doesn’t take that long. Your feet are worth it!


A Very Intimate Look at Love

Beach Organics is excited to announce a truly breakthrough product – a certified organic personal lubricant. The most intimate product we’ve ever made for the most sensitive parts of your body. No SLS, no parabens, no chemical additives of any kind – just the luscious lubrication of Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Butter, and Organic Cocoa Butter to give you a personal satisfaction you have to experience to believe.

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, or just use a personal lubricant to enhance pleasure and avoid discomfort, you are going to love Certified Orgasmic™ from Beach Organics. The delicious organic coconut oil base is antibacterial and antifungal so it does your body good while it is enhancing your pleasure and your partner’s. We have carefully formulated it to be non-staining so you don’t need to worry about your clothes or your bedding.

If you’ve used other lubricants before, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful it feels to use Certified Orgasmic. And you won’t need to worry about what you are applying to your body with this all natural plant-based formula. You and your partner will experience prolonged comfort, heightened pleasurable sensitivity and a truly sensual experience with no petro-chemicals, no preservatives, just natural pleasure.

Certified Orgasmic is also safe for use with latex products and odor-free. It contains no fragrances or perfumes. Best of all, it is the perfect consistency – never watery or too thick, always just right for your pleasure and comfort. Your partner will love it, and love you even more. You’ll love your new feelings and the way discomfort has been banished.

If you’re ready to try our wonderful new Certified Orgasmic just click here and we’ll ship it to you right away. Prepare yourself for the most sensuous experience you can have with an organic and vegan product!




Your Body is Thirsty

There’s nothing your skin likes more than a good lotion that will moisturize those thirsty skin cells. But many people tend to moisturize their face and hands, and then think about their feet, and ignore everything in between. In the summer, sometimes the only lotion a body gets is sunscreen and in the winter people are too busy keeping warm to even think about moisturizing their side or back or thighs.

That’s the opposite of what skin wants and needs. Skin needs hydration, first from the inside in the form of liquids you drink, and then from the outside in terms of moisturizers and lotions. Well-moisturized skin is silky to the touch and resists aging better than dry, depleted skin.

We have a variety of delicious body lotions but if you have never tried the Beach Organics line of moisturizing lotions, you might enjoy starting with our Voyager™ Body Lotion. This subtle, rich moisturizer starts with organic aloe, lavender, chamomile and coconut oil. Then it is delicately scented with a gentle whiff of citrus and a fresh kiss of mint. Your body will love the way it penetrates the top layer of skin and brings all that goodness to the next layers of cells. You can use it to finish up after your shower, or put it on just before bed time and let it sink in and do its magic over night.

Either way, we are sure you will love the way your skin will begin to feel. Healthy skin has a delightful feeling all its own as you’ll soon discover when you start using Voyager Body Lotion by Beach Organics! Follow this link to find out for yourself how much organic moisturizers can improve your beautiful skin!

Remember, you can buy with confidence because Beach Organics is certified organic and vegan, and we never allow parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or SLS in any of our products. And of course we do NO testing on animals.



What Refreshes You?

We’re past Labor Day but in many, many parts of the country it is still as warm as if we were in August. Sometimes it seems that the heat just takes all the energy out of us and doesn’t leave us feeling much better than a dry leaf. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there is a simple and refreshing solution.

Beach Organics Body Spray is the secret to feeling light and luscious all day long. You can use it after a shower, before bed, or even keep some in your desk at work and spray your arms and neck with it for a quick pick-me-up when the day gets long.

My favorite is the Voyager ™ Body Spray because the light scent helps to lighten my mood. Essential oils of citrus and mint combine the freshening effects of mint with just a hint of the tropics. What could feel more energizing and delicious on your skin? Of course if those do not appeal to you, we have four other signature scents. One is sure to be just the thing that pleases you after a hot afternoon.

You will also appreciate the light qualities of the scent. The Voyager Body Spray goes with our Voyager Shampoo, Conditioner, and lotion. But it will also compliment any signature scent that you like to wear as long as it is a fresh and light one. So mid-afternoon you may want to give your upper body a little spritz just to wake up that feminine feeling and make your skin go, “Ahhhh!”

As with all of our fine Beach Organics products, Voyager Body Spray is certified organic and vegan. It has not been tested on animals, and it contains no parabens, formaldehyde, or estrogen mimicking preservatives. You can trust Beach Organics to show you the care your body deserves!

Try our Voyager Body Spray today or one of our other lovely sprays!


The Cost of A Clean Shower

If you are like many people in America, you are well acquainted with the price of clean water. It starts with your well or municipal water. Then there is the cost of taking that water to a higher level of clean. You may have an elaborate set up in your garage or basement that runs your water through salt, through a reverse osmosis system, through an ionization chamber, or through multiple filters. Once your water comes into your house you may have a separate filter on your kitchen faucet for drinking water and yet another type of filter on your shower.

The companies that make those filters and water conditioning systems can tell you just how pure the water is when their systems are done with it. But did you know you can almost undo all of that effort if you then pour the average commercial shampoo or conditioner brand onto your head? Or wash with one of the many bar soaps or liquid soaps found on the shelves at most supermarkets?

showerIt’s true. Your water filtration system will do its best to lower your lead content, remove chlorine, filter our particulates. But commercial soaps, shampoos, and conditioners can and do contain the following: parabens (a suspected health risk for women), formaldehyde forming agents, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The soap often contains all of them and additionally may contain toxins like triclosans if it is anti-bacterial. It is no surprise when you stop and think about it; if it is toxic enough to kill off the surface bacteria of our hands it is also toxic to us to a small degree.

So here you are, enjoying the fresh, pure water you have paid a pretty penny to have, and your cleansing regimen is covering your body with chemical toxins and pollutants. The foaming agent in most shampoos and soaps, SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is the same degreaser used in car washes to clean engines. Does it strip the oils from your skin and your hair while it is foaming? You bet.

That’s why we urge you to choose an organic alternative. You paid to install your water filtration system because you want to be healthy. Don’t let unhealthy chemicals come back in right from your grocery cart. Choose life, health and safety for your skin and hair. Choose organic.