A Healthy Start for Bath & Body

Many people are slowly turning their diet to healthier choices, while others have jumped in with both feet and are now vegan, slow food, and organic all the way. Sometimes it takes a while after the move to better food to make the move to better skin and body care but it is all part of the same desire to live a healthier life.

If you’ve begun to eat better but are still using the same old toothpaste and drugstore shampoo you may feel overwhelmed at having to make another set of changes. But take heart! The changes are based on the same principles so you do not need to learn an elaborate new set of rules. Here are some simple guidelines to make the transition easy:

  • If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it on your face, hair, or body.
  • If it doesn’t say “certified organic,” “certified vegan,” or “certified cruelty-free,” it isn’t!
  • If it has a list of ingredients a mile long, put it down unless you know what they are.

Those are simple rules that are easy to follow and won’t complicate your life too much.

The reason that it is as important to change how we bathe, shampoo, and wash our face and hands is that our skin (the largest organ in our body!) absorbs what we pour on it. That’s right, if you use a lotion with an ingredient you’ve read negative things about, your body is absorbing that potentially harmful chemical. If you are getting your hair clean with a shampoo that relies on Sodium Lauryth Sulfate to reduce oiliness, your skin is absorbing this ingredient that is also used as an industrial degreaser. No wonder your skin is dry and you feel fatigued.

Trust companies that go through the extra processes necessary to earn certifications rather than the same drugstore brand now advertising, “with natural ________________” because that means almost nothing.  There is no FDA definition of “natural” and many products claim they are natural because they have a small percentage of added almond oil, honey, aloe or some other food that we have come to trust. The trendy one right now is coconut oil. We’ve used it forever, but some companies are now adding it to their formulas and jumping on the bandwagon. Be choosier than that. Remember, your body is counting on you!

Trust your body to Beach Organics products!

Is Your Hair in Great Condition?

Hurray for non-SLS shampoos like Beach Organics all natural shampoo. They clean but do not strip all the natural oils out of hair so your hair emerges from a shampoo naturally healthy and shiny. So do you really need to use a conditioner at all? The answer is maybe and maybe not.

Let’s look at what your hair routine is like and what a conditioner does for your hair. It is true that if you have a mild non-detergent shampoo the need for conditioner is reduced. After all, the first job of a conditioner is to put back in the moisturizing and protective oils the shampoo strips out. Once you throw away the bottle of sulfate-based shampoo the role of a conditioner may be lessened.

But let’s look at your hair itself. Some people have perfect hair with just the right distribution of natural oils that add sheen and gloss to hair. But many people do not. If you were born with dry, fly-away hair that is difficult to manage, a good conditioner will help tame that mane. Additionally, if you were born with very frizzy hair or hair that frizzes at the first hint of humidity, you may want to use conditioner so that your hair stays attractive and easy to manage.

We also need to take a close look at what you do to your hair on a regular basis. Some people shampoo daily or every other day, blow dry their hair on high, and then use a straightener or curling iron to get the desired results. They look beautiful but the heat and forced air are drying and damaging their hair. A good conditioner applied sparingly as a leave-in conditioner may help protect the hair from aggressive styling.

Beach Organics has created an all-natural, certified organic, and certified vegan conditioner for your hair. This non-gmo conditioner is made with aloe vera, glycerin, shea butter, Vitamin E, rosemary oil, and green tea. It contains no parabens and was not tested on animals. Our organic conditioner comes in five fragrances to match or compliment our shampoos and are ready to help your hair look, feel, and smell wonderful!

Try Beach Organics Conditioner today!


Pure and Natural Organic Vegan Soap

How many times have you purchased a hand-maid or organic soap only to find that it irritates your skin or the fragrance is to strong. Hours after you’ve washed your hands they still smell like a hothouse full of flowers and you’re tired of it. Or worse, you’re sneezing and going through a box of tissues every hour.

We understand completely. In our market research we have used (literally) hundreds of hand made soaps, tested vegetarian formulas, washed our hands more than Lady MacBeth. And quite often found that our nose was too sensitive for the fragrance, or our skin was irritated by the essential oils or some strong ingredient. That simply won’t do.

We make our soap to make your skin feel healthy and happy – not irritated! So we decided to create the very purest of the pure, and our fragrance-free organic soap is just that. We start with organic oils – coconut, olive and a sustainable palm oil, and we mix it all with botanical extracts and the purest water. The result is a soap you can use on the most vulnerable infant or fragile older person. Our soap does not aggravate allergies, anger sensitive skin, or strike the wrong note with your co-workers or family. It’s just pure and natural!

What doesn’t our soap have? Other bar soaps have a strong alkaline Ph or animal fats as well as parabens and fragrances. Soft soaps often contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a detergent so popular it is also in laundry soap and engine degreaser. You will never find ingredients like that in our hand made, carefully cut soaps made at the Beach Organics Soapatorium.

So buy the brand that is certified Vegan and Organic, and never do any animal testing. Our products are as good for the planet as they are for your skin!

If you’re ready for the best and purest all-organic moisturizing soap you can find, click here and begin your purchase! We’re proud of producing a quality product with you in mind!  (We also have eight soaps with botanical fragrances if you would prefer!)


We’re Feeling Beachy

Judging by the number of people out on the beach lately, the sun isn’t scaring anyone away! If you are careful about taking care of your complexion, the key is to avoid the peak sunlight hours, use an umbrella or shade tent, wear a good non-chemical sunblock at all times, and then re-hydrate your skin afterwards with an aftersun product or a good body lotion.

Surfer enjo.ying the waves of the Atlantic Ocean- photo by D. Ebright

Surfer enjoying the waves of the Atlantic Ocean- photo by D. Ebright

First, choose a sunscreen that is right for you and right for the environment. A good sunscreen that protects you from UVA and UVB rays is essential. It should also be non-chemical to avoid damage to coral reefs and the marine environment. Preferably it should be free of preservatives, parabens, and fragrences. Beach Organics Sunscreen meets all those requirements and is also a cruelty-free product. It comes in SPF 15 and SPF 30.

Beach Organics All Natural Sunscreen will protect you naturally while being very environmentally friendly.

Next, get make sure your favorite body lotion is on hand or purchase our moisturizer-rich After Sun Lotion to make sure and re-hydrate your thirsty skin cells. The amazing blend of aloe vera, mango butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and almond oil penetrates deep into your skin to soothe and renew you after a day in the sun’s rays.

Beach Organics After-Sun Rich Moisturizing Lotion.

And that’s really it. Enjoy the sun, but protect yourself thoroughly. After smoking, sun damage is one of the most common triggers for aging and for skin cancers. Making sure you limit your exposure to the sun and always wear a good sunblock will make a big difference in how your skin looks when you are older.  Your beautiful now; keep that healthy look!

Beach Organics, we are part of a healthy beach lifestyle!

The Power of Your Smile

Smiles are the first communication we share. From across the street we look up, see a friend, and our mouth signals our happiness. When we greet even a stranger, it is common courtesy to greet them with a smile. It isn’t just beauty, it’s also emotion and connection.

Have you ever known someone who was not conventionally beautiful but had a huge, happy smile? Often those people draw others to them, make friends easily, and are remembered with more warmth than their prettier counterparts.  Some one will describe them later as, “I don’t know, there’s just something about her smile!”

The smile is also the part of the face that requires the most care. We carefully brush each and every tooth, floss, and then use mouthwash to finish the cleaning procedure. Then we apply lipstick and lip gloss and we are ready to go. But the skin that covers our mouth is more sensitive than the skin on our cheeks and it is worth giving it some extra care. It moves and stretches continually when we talk and then gets stretched thoroughly when we have a big yawn. No wonder it is prone to chapping and cracking.

A lot of that can be prevented by using a good lip balm. If you take a morning shower and wash your face, put on the lip balm right afterwards when you moisturize your face. Don’t rely on your facial moisturizer to do the same job on your lips, they require extra protection. Using a lip balm first thing in the morning gives the moisturizing ingredients the opportunity to penetrate and perform healing therapy. The beeswax in the lip balm helps minimize and protect against cracking and chapping.

When you apply your makeup, the lipstick now goes on more smoothly. After lunch and just before bedtime, apply lip balm again to protect lips against drying and damage from the sun or the heat and air in your home. That will keep your lips happy, smooth and ready to break into a wide smile.

Beach Organics Lip Balm comes in five delicious flavors: peppermint, pineapple, coconut, vanilla and tangerine. It is certified organic and is made with non-GMO ingredients including beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, jojoba, aloe and Vitamin E. Treat your lips right and watch your smile just shine! Click here to learn more and to purchase our wonderful lip balms.


Naturally Beautiful Hair

Is your shampoo causing your hair problems? Have beautiful hair naturally.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many products meant to “correct” problems with hair? Many of those problems are caused by our modern lifestyle and the ingredients found in every day shampoos and conditioners you find on the store shelves.

We’ve spoken before about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, sometimes shown as Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS. We are concerned about SLS when it appears in personal products because it is a powerful degreaser. It’s used in products for degreasing commercial kitchens and cleaning automobile engines! It’s pretty effective! What it is most effective at is stripping all of the natural oils out of your hair and off of your skin. You might not need to slather on lotion and conditioner if your shampoo had not just stripped all of the natural conditioner and protective oils away!

So it’s no wonder that so many products offer to “get rid of the frizzies” and “deep condition” “dry fly-away” hair. The hair would not be dry, flying away, and frizzing, if it were helping. Don’t even let us get started on the subject of split ends. Your hair’s natural beauty would shine through much more powerfully if it were cleaned with a natural formula that promoted gentle cleansing and left out any form of SLS. Your skin would thank you for that as well.

Consider this shampoo and conditioner:

Our Certified Vegan & Organic SLS-free shampoo with aloe, coconut oils, vitamin E, green tea, and botanical extracts. Our shampoo is strictly non-GMO and Cruelty Free and comes in six delicious fragrances to match your personality and preferences.

Our Certified Vegan & Organic SLS-free conditioners with aloe, vegetable emulsifiers, glycerin, shea butter, silk proteins and herbal extracts. Our conditioners will help your hair return to its healthiest state, gently smoothing away frizzies, and dryness.


Essential Oil Body Spray and Mist

We all love aroma therapy but some of the commercial scents you plug into the wall or diffuse throughout your home can smell over powering and may be made from ingredients you would prefer not to have in your home. Relax and use an organic solution to your need for refreshing scents.

Beach Organics Essential Oil Body Spray and Mist is the perfect choice for the woman who wants a hint of fragrance without the heaviness of artificial perfumes and chemicals. This light, refreshing body mist is scented with organic essential oils to smell light and relaxing. You can spritz it on for an afternoon pick me up or a refresher from the summer heat.

It’s also excellent for gently scenting your home. Spray just a little on your air return vent, or on your couch. Love the smell, scent your pillow and/or sheets with it to have the fragrance help you sleep through the night.

All of the Beach Organics Essential Oil Body Sprays are made with a combination of pure water and our natural essential oil blends. We never use parabens or preservatives in our products and all are certified organic and free from any animal testing. You can use them with confidence knowing that you are using quality products made with your safety and health in mind!

The Essential Oil Body Sprays come in five wonderful scents and are formulated to be as light as they are aromatic. Choose from the lemongrass and vetiver based Beachcomber body spray or enjoy the relaxing fragrance of lavender in the First Light Essential Oil Body Spray. There are five to choose from so you know you’ll be pleased with one of the options.

First thing in the morning, after you take your shower, spray on the Essential Oil Body Spray to give your skin a treat. Then refresh the scent throughout the day as needed.  It’s so gentle and relaxing you’ll feel extra beautiful as you go through your day. You can buy Beach Organics Essential Oil Body Spray here. Remember, always free of chemicals; never tested on animals.


Low Sodium? Wait! It’s Spa Day!

Spas are considered by most to be a wonderful luxury. But there are women who do not want to spend the money, there are women who are shy about exposing their body to others, and there are women who, frankly, do not have the time going to the spa entails. The truth is, you don’t have to go. You can accomplish the same skin treatments at home.

Key is to set a bit of the “spa mood” that you would get if someone else were pampering you.  Candles, light but not bright light, and relaxing music will help. Now, fill your bathtub with warm water and add a handful of Beach Organics Skin Care Natural Bath Salts with Therapeutic Minerals. Slowly lower yourself into the water and go over your body gently with a warm wash cloth. Use just a few crystals of the bath salts on the wash cloth as a scrub on heels or elbows if they feel rough and dry. Then soak in your delightfully fragrant atmosphere as your body absorbs the minerals and salts. When you’ve relaxed to your heart’s content, rinse off and then towel dry.

You won’t believe how deliciously silky your skin will be! The natural oils and minerals in the salts have softened and conditioned your skin, promoting healing and renewal as the surface dead skin cells are gently washed away.

For a finishing touch choose a Beach Organics Talc-Free Organic Body Powder to feel fresh and lovely for the rest of the day. Our talc-free powder is made with non-GMO cornstarch and fine clays to draw impurities from the skin.  Safe enough for you and your baby to use it; it keeps you dry and comfortable by absorbing more moisture than talc. Beach Organics Bath Salts and Talc-Free Body Powder come in complimentary scents and are certified organic and vegan. They are never tested on animals!

If you’re ready to pamper yourself with a much-deserved spa time in the comfort and privacy of your own home, click here to purchase our Natural Bath Salts and Therapeutic Minerals. For an extra treat add one of our talc-free Organic Body Powders and you’ll feel sensational.


Summer is Flea Season

Summer just seems to bring out the insects – gnats, mosquitoes, and even fleas on your dog. You could buy a dog shampoo from the supermarket or pet store but most of them have sulfates which really irritate a dog’s skin. It’s hard to think of bulldogs and pitbulls and golden retrievers as being delicate, but their skin often is. Many dogs are prone to allergies and their skin irritates easily. A shampoo with sodium laurel sulfate is not good for you and it’s not good for your dog. It strips the coat of all natural oils so that your dog’s naturally shiny coat looks dull. If it’s a flea shampoo it also contains one of various toxic insecticides meant to kill fleas.

That isn’t how our Best In Show dog shampoos work. They have gentle, all-natural ingredients and are always SLS free to nourish and clean your canine friend’s coat without stripping away the natural oils or causing the skin to break out. It also repels fleas and ticks because it uses natural essential oils that insects do not like. Your dog will smell better, look better, and feel better using a pure, natural shampoo from Beach Organics, and bugs won’t bug him! How safe is the shampoo? Safe enough to be used on all breeds and even older dogs and puppies.

Don’t worry if your dog gets a bath and then the next day rolls in the mud or something unpleasant. Beach Organics dog shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily if need be. One caution – this shampoo is NOT cat friendly. Some essential oils can be unhealthy for cats so please do not use it on your feline friends.

Your dog will appreciate the change to an all-natural pet shampoo. He may even start enjoying his baths! No more chemicals will make him happier!

Buy Beach Organics dog shampoo right here!



Summer Cooling, Body Powder Can Help

Ahh the warm days of summer are definitely upon us. And sometimes it can be hard to stay cool and comfortable. But a good body powder can really help keep us drier and our skin cleaner and happier. It can also slow the development of bacterial processes on hot skin by absorbing moisture and impurities.

When choosing a body powder, try to avoid those that use talc as their main ingredient. Talc is a mineral that has been implicated in allergies and even some lung cancers. The problem is that once it is ground finely enough to be a powder it is also easy to inhale and it was never meant to be in your respiratory system. When used in the feminine areas talc has been linked to ovarian cancer and other problems including irritation. It is just safer to stay away from talc and choose a powder with a corn starch base.

Beach Organics Organic Body Powder is safe for you and safe for your baby. Our main ingredient is organic, non-GMO cornstarch. The cornstarch is augmented with baking soda, arrowroot powder and white clay. Together they remove moisture without disturbing your natural body oils. Then we add  our fine essential oil blends to lend a gentle scent to the powder. You can combine our powders with our soaps and lotions or try different ones at a different time of day. Perhaps the Citrus & Mint based Voyager™ body wash in the morning with the First Light™ line of scents in the evening soothing you with a delicate lavender.

You decide. Whichever you choose you know you are getting a gentle, organic, non-gmo solution that will fit into your healthy lifestyle. And remember, this is safe for your infants and children, too!

Buy talc-free body powder by Beach Organics here!

Talc-free organic body powder